5-Mar-12 Clean Web Breakfast Series – Impact of Policy Direction

Monday, March 5th, 2012 – Due to the availability of Dr. Iida, we are moving up the Policy Direction breakfast event .  Please also check out the Real Estate Breakfast being held on Tuesday, March 13th,2012.

Sustainable Energy Breakfast Forum with US and Japanese Policymakers: 

You are cordially invited to a very important breakfast meeting to discuss our clean energy future with policy makers, energy professionals, government officials and our special guest: Dr. Tetsunari Iida, Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies in  Japan, one of the leading advocates for sustainable energy in the world,

The breakfast is hosted by Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and Energy Infotech NYC on Monday, March 5 at 830 a.m., at the law offices of Duane Morris LLP at 1540 Broadway in New York City (entrance at 45th Street, just east of Times Square).

Dr Iida is one of Japan’s most respected voices on energy policy.  He helped develop Japan’s green power certification system in 2001 and a financing scheme for building community wind farms. A former nuclear researcher and engineer, Dr. Iida is the executive director of the independent, nonprofit research organization Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) and an advocate for “Energy Democracy.”  ISEP was founded in 2000 to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and a restructured energy market. Dr. Iida organized a coalition of Japanese government officials to promote renewable energy, and later helped shepherd the Renewable Energy Promotion Law into existence.

We would greatly appreciate your attendance and participation at this very special event.

Because Dr. Iida is such a valuable resource, and due to limited space and security notification, please register by Thursday March 1.

Location: Duane Morris LLP, 1540 Broadway, New York, New York 10036 (entrance at 45th Street, just east of Times Square)



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